Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Seismic Moment

Image courtesy of Suspect Device

Two years ago today, we all looked on in helpless horror as a city drowned on the computer and TV screens in front of us. Horror, shock and disbelief were followed soon by an anger like we had never known before. Today, the distress is still palpable.

New Orleans under water, and hundreds dead. The Louisiana National Guard unable to mount an adequate response because their deep-water equipment was in Iraq!

Katrina was the seismic shift for a great many people, the thing that made them sit bolt upright and say "holy shit..."

It was the event that crystallized the incompetence and ineptitude that are the hallmark features of this administration, staffed entirely with cronies and lickspittles of ideological purity.

The abdication of New Orleans is a metaphor for the entire Bush maladministration. As I reflect on the events that unfolded two years ago, I am inclined to think that the sooner we drive a stake through this administration's wicked, black little heart, the better off we all will be.