Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sen. Craig forced to resign from committee posts, calls for resignation grow louder

Republican leadership forced beleagured Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) to resign from his committee and subcommittee posts today, and calls for his resignation from the Senate grew louder within his own party. Sens. John McCain and Norm Coleman and Rep. Peter Hoekstra all publicly called for Craig to step down.

Craig, meanwhile, hysterically insisted that he was innocent of the charge he pled guilty to, claiming he only went along with it in hopes it would all just go away.

Bullshit. Not that he pled guilty hoping it would go away. Of course he pled guilty hoping it would go away. He pled guilty hoping it would go away unnoticed because he was guilty as charged. (And by the way - if he is denying his guilty plea now, and did indeed plead guilty to a charge he is in fact innocent of, is that not perjury? I'm not a lawyer, but I know what the word means.)

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad to watch and listen as Craig tries to talk his way out of this. Meanwhile, he has no support within his party - they can't distance themselves fast enough.

And by the way - I don't want to hear Republicans claiming some moral high ground here that doesn't exist. None of these people called on David Vitter to resign, and Vitter, too, committed a crime. It is illegal to buy sex from hookers, even the ones that specialize in indulging perverted fetishes. If you cut right to the heart of the matter, Louisiana has a Democratic governor and Idaho has a Republican executive, so in this instance they can pretend to stand on principle, because it won't cost them a seat. It is that damned simple, folks. But come next election day, they will be reminding you that they share your values.

Do they?