Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- September 11, 2007

Lately I have become crankier and crankier when I look at our elected officials. Nobody in power seems really interested in stopping the war. Oh, some of the candidates who have been out talking to the people are beginning to get it, but after yesterday it is pretty clear that the Beltway party is firmly in favor of eternal war. All the Beltway Party's presidential candidates, both Republican and Democrat, favor staying in Iraq for the indefinite future. The Beltway "leadership" is content to follow the President as he leads America into oblivion.

Today's Campaign Video of the Day fits my mood. Stop the Rain. Vote Peace isn't a video for one of the candidates. Instead it is a suggestion we consider supporting one of the three real peace candidates. It is the kind of viral video you can expect during the YouTube election. Peace now. Pass it on.

Produced by starlingfive and posted five days ago.

One question to ponder today, why is Osama Bin Laden still walking around a free man? If you encounter a member of the Beltway party, and you have the guts, ask that question. You won't get a straight answer.

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