Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mad Jack McCain: Countdown to Irrelevance

Go sell crazy somewhere else, Jack. We're full up here.

This anniversary week of 9/11, John "Mad Jack" McCain is vying for as much media face time as possible, to shore up his ever-waning prospects of capturing the White House in 2008. Speaking to reporters in California over the weekend, he said:
"As president of the United States, I will get him, and we will enact justice against Osama bin Laden."

He repeated this boast in an interview segment on this morning's The Early Show on CBS. This claim reveals at least three delusions that Mad Jack is currently belaboring under: that he'll gain his party's nomination for President, that he'll actually defeat his Democratic opponent for President, and that he'll be able to divorce himself sufficiently from the clusterfuck that is the War in Iraq that he can extend the intelligence & policing forces necessary to bring him to justice.

Since he goes on to claim that Iraq is his "primary focus," why should we believe that he'll be any more successful in his boasts than his frat-boy predecessor?