Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- September 12, 2007 part Deux

Man did I miss one this morning. Here is Chris Dodd's latest video. He is throwing the gauntlet down at Hillary and Barack's feet. Good old Ms Trianglulator is going to have a tough time not taking a clear position in response to this video.

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UPDATE: 1:48 PM -- Here is what the Dodd Campaign is saying about the Reid-Levin Compromise.

On September 6th, the New York Times reported that Democrats are considering whether to offer a "compromise" amendment on Iraq to the upcoming Defense Department Authorization bill.

This "compromise," the Levin-Reed amendment, would reportedly establish a non-binding "goal" -- as opposed to a firm deadline -- for withdrawing our combat troops from Iraq.

The net result would be another blank check for President Bush.

Senator Dodd said it best, "I cannot and will not support any measure that does not have a firm and enforceable deadline to complete the redeployment of combat troops from Iraq. Rather than picking up votes, by removing the deadline to get our troops out of Iraq you have lost this Democrat's vote."

We can stop this before it sees the light of day.

Please contact your Senators and ask them to publicly reject any Iraq legislation that does not include enforceable deadlines for withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq.
Pretty agressive for a guy as far inside as Chris Dodd.