Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two Powerful Young Anti-Iraq War Voices Stilled In Accident Near Baghdad

TPM's Greg Sargent is reporting that two of the active duty soldiers who penned the New York Times' OP-Ed entitled "The War as We Saw It" have been killed in Iraq.

Twenty-eight year old Sgt. Omar Mora was close to the end of his second tour when he was killed along with 6 other soldiers in a roll over accident near Baghdad last week.

"He was coming home in November. He was coming home in November.”
his mother Olga Capetillo told a reporter for His 5 year old daughter will never see her father again.

According to the AP Staff Sergeant Yance Gray, age 26, another of the Op-Ed's, co-authors, died in the same accident. Stg. Gray was the son of Richard and Karen Gray of Ismay, Montana. He is survived by his wife and infant daughter, who live in North Carolina.

The next time you see him ask the President how many more young fathers and mothers have to die in his Iraq folly.