Monday, September 17, 2007

John McCain Forgets That People Fact Check

TPM's Ben Craw did a little fact checking following John McCain's latest appearance on Meet The Press. Take a look if you want to know what Ben found.

This is exactly why the "YouTube" election is going to be the most liberating in history. Little blog based news organizations like TPM now have access to a whole lot of video tape and are motivated to watch it. The Internet gives them the ability to deliver what they find to the public. It seems that the stranglehold of the major news networks is just about broken. People don't have to watch OJ stories any more. Instead they can watch old men caught in embarrassing contradictions and inconsistencies without the loving protection of a Tim Russert or a Wolf Blitzer to shield them and the rest of us from the truth.

In this case, John McCain has simply gotten old. He can no longer remember what he said or heard just last week. It happens to all of us sooner or later. I honor McCain for his service to America, but at some point even the best of us have to call it a career.