Monday, September 24, 2007

The Red State Update Health Care Plan

While all of the Democratic candidates have a health care plan, few of the Republican candidates have much to say on the subject. Why should they? Hell, poor people don't vote for 'Publicans. Neither do blacks, and the way things are going, they will be lucky to get a single Hispanic vote outside of Miami. Given their support for the veto of SCHIP it is unlikely many women will vote for the party that denies health care to their children. No fear the exclusively middle aged, rich white 'Publican candidates plan to ride that fat old white man redneck fraidy cat vote right in to the White House. Well, at least two Republicans have decided their white male base needs a health care plan. Tonight Jackie and Dunlap announce Jackie's Health Care Plan aimed squarely at the redneck vote. Don't forget the free breast exams. Tonight's funny.