Friday, October 19, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- October 19, 2007

Today's campaign video of the day is called Rebuilding New Orleans. It is from the Edwards campaign and is John's pretty straight forward answer to a straight forward question about rebuilding New Orleans. I do like the idea of requiring that technical competence be a prerequisite for anyone appointed to head an agency. After the last 7 years all I can say is "what a concept."

Today we have a runner up. The runner up video is choppy and not well produced, giving the impression that it is viral, but its Ron Paul message at the end leads me to believe that it is really a Ron Paul campaign video hiding as a viral video. Called Hillary Clinton Oakland Block Party the video is an attack on Hillary about her alleged "involvement with Bilderberg, as well as her massive support from the money behind Fox News." It is simply the hottest anti-Hillary Clinton video on YouTube. Type "Hillary Clinton" on YouTube and this video pops up. Because of the clear Ron Paul connection I think "joefortruth" is flying under false colors, but I thought you might like a link. One question, in the very beginning the announcer says Hillary "illegally" went to Bilterberg group in 1996. What is illegal about going to Bilterberg?

If you encounter an interesting campaign video, please send a link to subject campaign video of the day.