Friday, October 19, 2007

A Cornyn Watch Postscript: His Vote Won't Be Needed This Time

It's aging news by now that the U.S. House failed to override Il Doofus' veto of the SCHIP bill to medically insure children whose families fall through gaps in the social safety net. The vote was 273 for, 156 against, short of the two-thirds needed.

This means that Texas Sen. John Cornyn's vote won't be needed on this matter for a while.

But, don't let anyone forget Cornyn's stand on this bill, which was highly crucial for many chronically ill children in Texas. There are people working to see to it that it's remembered next November, when Cornyn stands for re-election.

The Republicans have given the Democrats a live issue here by denying health care to hundreds of thousands of kids in this, Cornyn's home state, alone. I sincerely hope the Democrats will have political sense enough to use this to full advantage.