Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Grief, Dana Denies Terror Report Tied To FISA Negotiations

News junkie Pop Quiz question.

Nick Juliano reports that yesterday

A White House reporter noted the timing of a Department of Homeland Security ... (warning that) Qaeda was stepping up its efforts to put operatives within the US. An administration spokeswoman faced questions over whether the report was timed to coincide with Congress's debate over surveillance.
How did Dana Perino respond?

She answered the reporter's questions by saying:

a) "How often do you think you can fool someone with the same trick?"

b) "Look at the innocence in my eyes."

c) "You have to learn to be trusting..."

d) "It’s so sad ... eventually everything in life just becomes routine."

e) None of the above.

The answer after the flip.

The answer is e) none of the above. All of the answers were taken from Charlie Brown comic strips, where year after year, Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie as he tried to kick it. What Ms Perino really said was "Not that I'm aware of." Of course, that is just about what Lucy might have said. Good grief.