Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton In The Kitchen

Rosemary Watson has posted a must see video straight from "Hillary's" Kitchen. It is terrific.

If you don't know about Rosemary Watson read the "liner notes" after the break, or better yet, go to her website.

I am a voice over artist/singer and work out of my home studio. I did a scene once for Stella Adler and Spock and Captain Kirk were in the audience... for real. Stella was so vicious that night in her critic that I nearly put a hole in my hand biting on it to prevent myself from crying. I did end up crying and went on with the scene. My partner and I got a standing ovation and praise from the old woman. That night I quit acting and went into massage therapy. One Christmas Eve while shopping at Toys R Us (and they are!) I struck up a conversation with an Ethiopian tennis pro standing in line next to me. We ended up trading lessons for massage. I took my lessons at Charleton Heston's house, who let the tennis coach use his court in exchange for tennis workouts. CH is very tall, and very nice. Because most everyone I massaged ended up telling me their problems (excluding the Saudi Prince whose mother was yelling through the door the entire time, and Carol Kane who said nothing) I thought I'd get my psychology degree...and so I went back to college. First to SMCC then to UCLA. Once while in school, I was studying at a Soup Plantation...the one near the Bev. Center, and Shecky Greene and Buddy Hacket were dining there as well. They invited me to join them and I spent the afternoon listening to the two of them. It was odd, weird and thrilling. Afterwards, numbers were exchanged but I never heard from them again. Apparently, they ate there every Monday. Let me know. I then got into television while looking for a job at a think tank...and then wound up singing jazz all over the place including stints in Vegas. And that's how things roll for me. Fluid, and well, okay, just darn right weird. My Hillary is a work in progress. Just started doing her and made up these videos on my own...which is REALLY hard, if you haven't tried it! Pushing the record button, running around, getting in place and trying to remember the lines. I'm hoping to do some fancy schmancy ones soon and hope you'll check back. I live with a ray of sunshine, named Dexter, who is one-ish. I need a roommate, a nanny and an agent. Apply within.