Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rudy: Blame Bloomberg for Shagfest — who’s next?

Rudy’s latest spin on secretly billing a cool half a million in police dollars around the NYC budget to go visit Judith Nathan?

Michael Bloomberg must have leaked it because he’s about to enter the presidential race himself.

Man, this just gets more fun all the time. I think trying to nail down a straight answer on this is definitely a case of “Pin the Tail (or Tale) on Rudy.”

Lemme see: Who could Rudy blame next?

Amadou Diallo? Yeah, if he hadn’t provoked NYC cops into their behavior, Rudy wouldn’t be so stressed out as to need to see Nathan all the time on the NYC dime.

Al Sharpton? Sure, just because he’s Al Sharpton and conservative Republicans will understand what Rudy really means by blaming Al Sharpton.

Hillary Clinton? Sure, her moving to New York to run for Senate disturbed the moral fiber of the city.

Don’t worry, we’ll probably get the Fire Department of New York in here soon enough.