Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Baseball & Steroids & Stars, Oh My!

Does anybody want to take bets that within 24 hours of the release of George Mitchell's report on drug use in baseball that someone in Congress will call for Congressional Hearings. I'll also take bets that it will be one of the questions that Presidential candidates will be tasked with. History is about to repeat itself.

Let's jump in the house for a cyclonic ride to the past when the last Congressional Hearings on Baseball were being held to see what else was going on:

  • Terry Schiavo was having a feeding tube removed and reinserted and removed and the GOP was asking her to testify before Congress.
  • Prince Ranier of Monico was dying.
  • Robert Blake was being acquitted of killing the baby momma.
  • Bush was trying to privatize some old government program called Social Security.
  • Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for killing his wife and unborn child.
  • Bernie Ebbers was found guilty in the WorldCom scandal.
  • Martha Stewart was complaining about wearing her house-arrest ankle bracelet.
  • Michael Jackson was on trial for child molestation.

In other words, a lot of crap - large and small - that caught the eyes of politicians nationwide. There was much saber rattling on many of these subjects. Outrage was expressed; gloom and doom predicted. Looks like our politicians had a lot on their plates.

One thing that wasn't on the Action agenda in March: 35 US Soldiers died in Iraq bringing the 2005 total to 200, bringing the total US war death toll over 1500 (1535) for the war.

I know. They had many other important things going on. I don't doubt the same will happen today.