Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bush still has wool over the eyes of at least one Iowan

On the Iowa campaign trail, at least one Iowan still believes has basically decided to tell Bush and Congressional GOP to “stick it” on a new budget. Tired of bad-faith negotiations from the White House, he’s going to craft a new budget that meets the WH overall bottom line, while stripping out every earmark necessary to meet that bottom line, as well as a bunch of Bush priorities.

“Keeping the tax cuts permanent — I’m middle class and we’re the ones that benefit from the tax cuts. I’m afraid of a president who will put those taxes back up,” said pastor Chris Magnell, 34. “Fiscal issues are probably number one for me.”

Geez, is it any wonder Republican candidates blather about further tax cuts with sheep like this? I hope you’re enjoying the extra $50, at most, in your paychecks this year while the CEOs of the companies who made your kids’ Christmas toys are taking tens of thousands in tax cuts to the bank.