Friday, December 14, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day -- December 14, 2007

The debate over today's campaign video was long and intense. On the one hand there is Hillary's new ad featuring her mother. Hillary's Mom is a really, really good ad. Then there is Barack Obama's quip from yesterday's Des Moines Register Presidential Debate that he is looking forward to Hillary being one of his advisors. Any other day either video would have won.

A lot of Americans who actually watched yesterday's debate say John Edwards was the only candidate who actually spoke to them. Focus groups at both CNN and Fox News went off the charts with enthusiasm over the comments he made in today's clip. That the "pundits" don't understand that Americans outside the beltway are worried as hell about the future says more about the insulated life of the pundits and the beltway crowd than it does about America. The pundits and the beltway crowd ignore the American people at their peril. John Edwards in a New Year's Wish doesn't.

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