Friday, December 14, 2007

It's know what that means...

It's time for the weekly "wants to spend more time with the family" announcement. (I'm curious - does anyone ever follow up and ask the families how they feel about that prospect?)

This week, it is a hat trick.

The Washington Times, in their appropriately-named "Fishwrap" feature, tells us about the first two. Bush is losing both his head speechwriter and his director of Legislative Affairs.

William McGurn is a former Wall Street Journal columnist, and has served as head speechwriter since 2005, when he replaced Michael Gerson. His resignation will be effective once he finishes Bush's final State of the Union address, to be delivered next month.

Candida Wolff has been in her position for three years, following three years in Dick Cheney's legislative affairs office. She plans to leave by the end of the month. The abrupt departure of such a loyalist, holding a key position like Director of Legislative Affairs makes me tingly all over. (Yeah, I know. I'm hopelessly wonkish.)

The third departure is embattled Justice Department official John Tanner. He sent out an email this morning with the subject line "Moving On" and his resignation is effective immediately. In case you have forgotten, John Tanner was part of the Justice Department cabal that set about to suppress minority votes to tilt the scales in favor of Republicans. (What does that say about their politics if they can only hope to win by cheating?)

Will anyone mourn the resignation of the man who abused his position as chief of the Civil Rights Division's voting section to suppress the votes of the very people he was supposed to make sure received parity?


But I shall not be one of them.

[Thats all, folks...]