Thursday, December 6, 2007

CIA destroys possible waterboarding tapes; where was Congress? Where will Congress be?

The story about how the CIA destroyed videotapes of two al-Qaeda suspects being waterboarded is of course a huge hot potato.

There’s plenty of people commenting on the possible obstruction of justice angle.

What I want to know is, how much did Members of Congress know or not know about these tapes before they were destroyed, and what Congress is going to do now?

As for the first question:

General Hayden said in a statement that leaders of Congressional oversight committees were fully briefed on the matter, but some Congressional officials said notification to Congress had not been adequate.

OK, how sharp of a difference do we have between “fully briefed” and “not adequate,” at least for chairpersons and ranking minority members of House and Senate intelligence committees?

Related to that, how much of a public hashing out of this are we going to get?

If the two top Democrats on the committees had something close to full briefing, where were Jane Harman and Jay Rockefeller? Can’t a Democratic Congressman or Senator leak?

Well, I guess this is, what, chance No. 172 for Congress to actually grow a pair?