Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Comedy Stylings Of Tom Tancredo

The comedy writers are still on strike. I am reduced to posting political farce from unusual sources.

Tonight's parody is the latest comedy video from newcomer Tom Tancredo. Some might find it funny, but I think it is a little too far over the top. While no doubt there are violent illegal aliens, I doubt that any of us think that all or even many of the undocumented are violent gang bangers. Anyway I wouldn't deport the gang bangers, I would prosecute them for their crimes and put them in prison for a good long time. I guess that is part of Tancredo's joke. He is suggesting we send violent criminals across the border where they can rape and murder faceless Central Americans or maybe sneak back into the U.S. to rape and murder Americans.

At the very least Tom makes a mockery of Lou Dobbs and all the right wing wackos for whom all Latin Americans look alike. Comments? Thumbs up or down for little known Tom Tancredo?