Saturday, December 1, 2007

Josh Lanier and Georgia on my mind

Yes, Elizabeth! We have a Real Democrat gearing up to challenge Shameby Chambliss (R-GA) for the U.S. Senate seat in 2008 -- Josh Lanier.

I'll write more about Lanier -- a Viet Nam vet and former aide on military and veterans issues to Sen. Herman Talmadge (D-GA) -- in the future. You can read about Lanier at his website. Or check Tondee's Tavern, a fine progressive blog down s'here in Georgia that provided an in-depth interview with Josh Lanier available in two parts: US Senate Q&A - Josh Lanier Part 1 and US Senate Q&A - Josh Lanier Part 2. Here's a snip on his stance on Iraq:

Our occupation of Iraq is straining our national security and must be brought to a quick end, beginning right now. I would like to see that done in concert with a new strategy and an international effort to stabilize Iraq and the region, but America must look after its own interests which are simply not enhanced by our continued combat presence in Iraq.
Down the road, I'll summarize Lanier's positions on a variety of issues from health care to Iraq. One thing to stand up and cheer: Josh slammed Chambliss over Shameby's deceptive maneuvering on the farm bill. Ahhhhh. He doesn't mince words.

For now, Josh Lanier knows how to use YouTube. Given the stenographers in Georgia media, he'll need to use it often and also appeal to the Netroots.

Unlike Shameby Chambliss, who has accumulated a $4 million war chest for his 2008 reelection campaign with help from his ol' pal Dick Cheney, Josh Lanier just recently formed his exploratory committee in mid-October. So he needs contributions. If you feel so inclined, hop over to ActBlue.

So far, in exploring the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's website, seems like TPTB favor DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones. (More about Vernon later). Hopefully, the Democratic Party will realize Lanier's a winner and kick in the bucks to crush that despicable asshat named Chambliss.

Spread the word.

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