Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rudy channels Bill O'Reilly

During a town hall meeting in Staten Island on June 27, 2001, Mayor Rudy insults city workers when the subject of corruption in his administration comes up. President Larry Hanley of the ATU Local 726 attempts to confront Rudy on an inside deal to grant bus routes to private bus companies that contributed to his campaign. And Rudy loses it! Hanley can't get a word in during Rudy's deluge of verbal attacks as city workers hector him:

"Oh, get out of here! ...Stop it! ...Cut out irresponsible, stupid, ridiculous charges.... Nobody is corrupted.... I find people who make false and irresponsible charges of corruption to be reprehensible.
"Take the microphone away! End of the conversation.... That's the end of the conversation.... I do not talk to people that accuse me of corruption.... Sit down and that's the end of your irresponsible charges.... That's the end of this conversation.
"I'm not running away from anything... I'm standing here and you're acting like a bunch of immature idiots.... Ask another question.... You all look too irresponsible to be bus drivers.
"You accuse me of corruption, I stop talking to you.... That's the end of it, OK? You accuse me of committing a crime and corruption, I do not talk to you. So that's the end of the conversation....
"You came here to cause trouble and you're a bunch of idiots. You came here to cause trouble, you've accomplished it, and you're probably too irresponsible to be handling other people on buses.... It's really, really scary that these people drive buses.
"I know the kindergarten does a lot better than these morons.... You're acting like morons, yes. Yes."
You've got to watch this YouTube to believe it!

Yeesh! And this guy is running for president?

The Village Voice ran a story in September 2007 on how crime-busting Rudy somehow skipped the mobsters infesting... kids' school buses.

Now exactly who is the moron?

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