Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wind power: more potential than many may claim?

As the House and Senate are probably headed toward a watered-down compromise on an energy bill, this news from Great Britain should make people pay attention to alternative energy.

Every home in Britain could be supplied by wind power alone in 2020 by making full use of the wind-swept seas around the country, Energy Secretary John Hutton said on Monday.

Every home. Yes, Britain has a lot of wind from the North Sea and North Atlantic. But, we have plenty of wind on the High Plains, and a fair amount in some other parts of the country.

Yes, the High Plains are away from much of our population, but let’s look at other places.

The fire-inducing Santa Ana winds of Southern California? Sounds idea for wind-generated electricity.

We can’t accept a watered-down energy bill. Too much is at stake.