Monday, January 14, 2008

At the end of the day

If only the mainstream press had exhibited the same foresight as Manifesto Joe in reporting the incident with Iran. But, noooooo... they jumped for Bush. Amy Goodman interviewed historian and national security expert Gareth Porter about the Case of the Yapping Lapdogs, the Pentagon, and the Strait of Hormuz.

Speaking of fakery, Faux News' John Gibson kinda implies that Tweety is more sexist than he. What's the difference between a super duper sexist and super shrill misogynist? Tell us in comments.

The election of real Democrats: "Mark Pera goes up against corrupt establishment Democrat Dan Lipinski" in Illinois.

Dday offers more on Pera along with the Maryland match-up between Rep. Al Wynn and challenger Donna Edwards. Go Donna! Plus, another Illinois contest, fighting progressive John Laesch vs. "Rahm Emanuel-backed" Bill Foster.

On the eve of the Michigan primary, Mitt 27%, McCain 22%, and Huck 16%, according to the Detroit Free Press. McClatchy/MSNBC puts Romney at 30%, McCain at 22, and Huck at the bottom of the top three with 17%.

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