Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 15, 2007

After several days of shameful, self-indulgent and destructive name calling from the Clinton and Obama camps (shame on you Bill) I thought it might be nice to bring things back to ground.

This year the Democratic candidate better damn well remember that his or her job is to give our needs voice. This is our country. Today's Campaign Video (after the jump) is of John Edwards and is entitled You are going to Rise Up! Its clear message is that this is our country. We want candidates who fight for us, not for themselves. The video was posted to Youtube by NCDem and features the music of some guy named John Mellencamp. You might have heard of him.

Because we have moved video off the front page, I thought this morning I might post a link to a really good bonus video lest we forget our brothers and sisters on the picket line fighting for a piece of the American dream. As Edwards might argue working men and women are really all One Big Union, or should be.

Let us know what you think of our change. If you encounter a video in need of broader play you might want to email a link to proctoring.congress@gmail.com subject campaign video of the day.