Sunday, January 20, 2008

At the end of the day

Take a deep breath and step away from the hyperventilating tent slung over "divisions" in the Democratic Party. History shows we've previously visited this scenario and survived. "The top three candidates agree on almost everything, they’ve each presented a progressive platform, and they each lead Republican candidates in hypothetical general-election match-ups." Check your pulse at The Carpetbagger.

Who's ahead in CT? According to the Hartford Courant, Clinton 41%, Obama 27%, Edwards 9%. On the other side: McCain 39%, Rudy 16%, Mitt 11%. Analysis at the link (h/t Josh).

Huckabee barbecues McCain in an "aged" sauce concocted by No. 1 Huckster fan, Chuck Norris.

AQ suicide bomber blows up in Fallujah -- Killed 3, wounded 8 among a US-supported tribal group in western Anbar province. "The explosion was one of the deadliest attacks in Anbar since the council drove most al-Qaeda in Iraq fighters out of the province last year." Monday's WaPo

"It's (Grandpa's) Economy, Stupid" -- "The press may think we're headed back to 1992, but the real worry is we may be headed for 1932, 21st Century style." Pachacutec

Paul Krugman distills Reaganomics. Bottom-line: It took a Clinton economy to correct the recession.

"The Week Ahead" for the Supremes via SCOTUSblog. No arguments.

Staying forever in Iraq -- The oblivious warmongering "liberal" media. Tsk, tsk. Scripting an Iraq war epic offers only one "Serious Option." Blood! Horror! Action! Glenn Greenwald

Peggy Noonan at O'Shilling's Tavern. Oh, me darlin', you also ain't got no soul. MTP video, transcript, and commentary by John Amato.

No! "McCain is the new Reagan." Clap harder, Tweety.

Remembering MLK -- "Let Justice Roll Down," by Martin Luther King, Jr., March 15, 1965, at The Nation.

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