Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blogosphere has people as bad as MSM on New Hampshire

Andrew Sullivan claims a “blacklash” from secret ballots, compared to Iowa’s open caucuses, sunk Obama. Arovasis at AmericaBlog entertains that as a possibility.

Neither that nor “crocodile tears” may be the answer.

Maybe, even if the choking up was somewhat calculated, she still revealed enough emotional realism to appeal to voters? Maybe Gloria Steinem was right. (Even though I think she engaged in a fair share of hyperbole, and that, not being a black woman, she can’t speak to both gender and race from personal experience.)

Maybe, as some bloggers are speculating, a lot of Democrats wanted to stick it to bloviators like Chris Matthews. Maybe more independents than expected voted Republican.

Maybe it was some combination of the four factors I listed.

That said, nothing Sully says surprises me. I’m not at all a Clinton fan, but he does have a grade-A case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Aravosis? He should know better. If he doesn’t, he just went down a mark in my book.