Saturday, January 12, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 12, 2007

Today's campaign video isn't a video. It is an audio clip from Lynn Samuels. For those who have never heard of Samuels she is a mouthy 63 year old Jewish woman from Queens, who some media executive decided must be the left's answer to Ann Coulter. She is on Sirius Radio Monday thru Friday from 1pm - 3pm on channel 146.

In this clip she rifts on a comment made by Barack Obama about what he has learned campaigning in Iowa. Frankly, what I took away from the entire Obama statement is that he is humbled by the depth of knowledge of Iowa voters. What Samuels "takes away" from Obama's comment is that he is an arrogant, self-important elitist--he is in her words "a prick."

All of us who live in fly over country have encountered arrogant, self-important elitists. Many are mouthy 63 year old Jewish women from Queens. For the most part such people are merely ignorant. The good thing about ignorance is that it can be cured by experience. Maybe if Lynn Samuels spent some time outside her little New York neighborhood (Palm Beach doesn't count) she would realize that there are a lot of well informed people in fly over country, nearly all of us are capable of knowing when we have been insulted by some arrogant, self-important elitist. We don't need her telling us who is or isn't a prick.

Folks, let us not forget that any of the three remaining Democratic candidates is much better than any of the Republican candidates. We can fight over their subtle policy differences and their obvious differences in style, but we can't allow ourselves the luxury of engaging in the politics of personal destruction during this primary season. There are plenty of reasons to oppose Obama without calling him a prick. Remember one of these days we are all going to have to come together around our final selection. That candidate is going to need all of our help.

This clip was proudly posted to Youtube by LynnSamuels herself.

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Lynn, for what ever it is worth, I think you are better looking than Ann Coulter. You don't have an Adams apple.