Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 22, 2008

There have been power groups in past elections, from the Reagan democrats to the soccer moms, and on to the NASCAR dads, whose overwhelming support has put one or another candidate over the top. This year there are two such power groups--America's gen X and next gen youth, and America's boomer moms. Both groups are showing up in large numbers for their champion. As a result poor old John Edwards, who in other years would be running away with the nomination, has the misfortune of coming a distant third in an election that is really between a dynamic young black man and a powerful middle aged white woman.

The people who vote in the Democratic primaries between now and February 5 will probably be electing the next President. In the February 5 battle Hillary has the edge. Moms always show up to vote. Young people, not so much. This year might be different, but it will only be different if young people, in large numbers, put down their electronic toys and vote. If they do the election on February 5 will usher in the end of an era and a generational change. If they don't youth will have to wait a while longer before it is served.

I had a lot of choices for today's Campaign Video. Last night's cat fight was obvious. Apollo13 has provided us a link. I almost picked the CNN ad Deb mentions below. It is very good. I decided on the very first video posted to Youtube by somebody with the user name gpot9983. According to the profile his given name is Greg and he is 33 years young. He really knows how to put together a positive campaign video. I always have been a sucker for Bob Dylan. Give Obama08 times are a changin' a look after the break.

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Video after the break.

Update: Here is the video of John Edwards' follow-up to the Obama/Clinton cat fight. If you want to know why many progressives prefer Edwards, watch this clip.