Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Campaign Video of the Day -- January 23, 2008

Today I thought we might post Hillary's latest 30 second spot released January 22, 2008. "Falling Through" has an obvious problem. The campaign has clumsily inserted the words "predatory student loan companies" in the body of the video. Why the change? What was removed? More importantly, until now the production values of video released by Hillary's Campaign have been spot on. Hillary released another ad yesterday called "Warned." It's production values are flawless. Why the drop-off in quality? Was "Falling Through" rushed into distribution to hit a particular market or demographic--like college towns or the youth vote? Does somebody think the obvious defect makes Hillary more authentic? Is the Hillary campaign short of money? I don't know the answers. Somebody in the media might want to quietly inquire.

In any event, except for the flaw, the video is very good. It is the message of a front runner running against the current Administration.

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Video after the break.