Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Electability = Loser

The next person who mentions a candidate's "electability" should be forced to watch an endless loop videotape of John Kerry windsurfing and pretending to hunt.

In every single non-incumbent election since 1960, the "unelectable" candidate has beaten the "electable" one.

Callow, Catholic Kennedy beat sitting VP Nixon.

Two-time loser Nixon beat sitting VP Humphrey.

Goofy-looking, too-religious Carter beat sitting (but un-elected) Ford.

Iran-Contra-weakened Bush beat Massachusetts Miracle Dukakis.

Famous failure, deserter, alcoholic and family joke Smirky beat super-experienced sitting VP Gore.

Not to mention the "unelectables" who beat incumbents: Too-dumb, senile, right-wing (when it was a bad thing) Reagan beat Carter, and philandering, trashy Bubba Clinton beat George I.

Belief in electability is what got us John Kerry, possibly the only Democrat on earth or in space who could not have beaten Smirky by 50 points.

Clinging to electability in 2008 is going to get us Hillary Clinton, definitely the only Democrat in the entire galaxy who could not beat the republicans even if they nominate bin Laden.

If you truly, genuinely believe corporate-owned, war-mongering, actual republican Hillary would be the best Democratic president, then go ahead - send her money, support her, vote for her.

But shut up about her electability. It's a guarantee Democrats will lose.

Cross-posted at BlueGrassRoots.