Friday, January 25, 2008

In Other Florida News

In fact, some of this has to do with the Presidential Primaries but it's not the single focus because a LOT of stuff has happened in Florida without listening to the Republicans wacky campaigning.

Rep. Dave Weldon (R-15) is retiring. I guess it's true there aren't a lot of Republicans left. (Did it have anything to do with the arrest of his daughter for a bar fight?) He snuck in last cycle against a weak opponent. If we can get one half as good as Suzanne Kosmas, who is running against Tom Feeney, we might make a race of it.

Here's an interesting tidbit. Weldon's House District 15 overlaps Florida House District 32. In case you don't remember, that's the district of Bob Allen of park bathroom fame who offered to give an undercover officer oral sex for $20 bucks. (That still confuses me.) He would have been positioned very strongly for a Congressional run but blew it (yes, pun intended). He must be crying his eyes out right now.

Florida Senator Mel Martinez endorsed John McCain today. That's especially bad news for the Rudy camp. I guess they couldn't get the sympathy they apparently have from Governor Charlie Crist. Speculation was that Crist would endorse Rudy for his support of a National Catastrophe Fund, but he hasn't. Even more, he's been appearing with McCain all over. Rumor has it that Crist would endorse McCain but he didn't want to embarrass Rudy.

Senator Bill Nelson voted in favor of retroactive immunity for telecoms. He's trying to add an amendment that would let a FISA court decide the issue. What? In my opinion, he's the worst Democratic politician in our State. This just seals it for me.

And, please don't get me started on the Florida/Michigan delegate thing. My vote should count - period. A week ago, everyone wanted my vote to count. Now, because Hillary's championing for her benefit, my hero wants to just say No.