Friday, January 25, 2008

The Rudy Watch

I said I'd leave this to others as Rudy withers and dies in Florida but he called in to a local talk radio show here in Orlando (he's in Miami). It was planned time but the phone call alone shows the desperation in the campaign.

To finish out the day, have a good laugh at some of Rudy's insight and lies(paraphrased with actual words in quotations):

On revealing his client list:

The host said that he had taken some hot water over the fact that he hadn't released his client list. Rudy responded by saying that he had. He said that "over 90%" had become known, talked about and researched in the press. The host let him off with that.

Let's be clear: Rudy didn't release anything - not 90%, not 50%. Researchers, reporters, opponents may have surmised who the clients were but Rudy didn't help.

On Fred Thompson dropping out:
"I called Fred and told him he ran a good campaign."
WTF? The concession speech that wasn't. The no fire in the belly. The absent candidate. Of all the things he could have said on this subject - this wasn't graceful; it was disingenuous.

On what he has over McCain:
[keep reading... there's more]

Rudy says that McCain is strong on security. Romney is strong on the economy. Rudy says he's strong on both. He turned around New York City when it was in severe financial crisis by "cutting taxes and reducing spending." On national security - 9/11. 'Nough said.
Let's take these one at a time - 9/11 first because I can't believe anyone hasn't said this. Rudy did nothing on 9/11 that could be remotely be called providing national security. He didn't deploy troops. He didn't fight an enemy. He didn't secure borders. He didn't do anything with regard to national security - period.

He has bastardized his being in New York City in a way that NO ONE has the exact same event occurring at the Pentagon. I'm sick of his using this event to establish his bonafides when he didn't do anything.

The economy. Someone should note this: However big the budget of New York City - I think it was around $50 billion when Rudy was mayor - a city government just does not compare, on any level, to running a state or the federal government. City commissions, borough chiefs, dealing with police and fire unions - these are all fine things but they are local and a lot of wheeling and dealing can be done on a local level that simply has no substitute in the national arena.

Further, let's take a look at his cutting spending. Didn't that result in a sub-standard radio system for the fire department that led to men in the World Trade Center not being notified to evacuate. As the bridge builders in Minnesota are about to find out, when cutting corners costs lives, you pay the piper. Maybe Rudy going down in flames is his payback.

On whether Ron Paul is a "nut" (yes, the host asked that):
He's got some different ideas, especially about Iraq, that "I don't agree with". "Fighting islamoterrorism is the defining issue of our day." It very important and Ron Paul doesn't realize that. We don't need Iraq to become a center for terrorists.
You know what I'm going to say here: Iraq is the best terrorist recruiting tool that we will ever know in our lifetime or our children's. No action we could take moving forward would make that untrue. It might add to it but this debacle will stand as the centerpiece for driving moderate Islamic factions to become enemies of the United States.

On winning Florida:
We got the New York Giants season comparison. They started the season "lagging" and now they are in the Super Bowl. Rudy specifically said that this was exactly what was happening in his campaign in Florida.
Clearly, Rudy needs to visit Disney. He'll be right at home in FantasyLand.

All this in less than 10 minutes! Oh joy! He said he'll be in Orlando tomorrow.