Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more down

I'll warn you now that I am in a mood - I'm in the kind of mood that makes me do mean things to Maureen Dowd in PhotoShop. The kind of mood where, if I were to inflict myself on actual people today, I might walk up behind a bald guy and go "wax on, wax off" - that kind of mood. The one that sends the cats fleeing the room and my husband fleeing the apartment for the library and the solitude of the stacks. So this little bit of news out of New York was some welcome schadenfreude indeed:

Rep. Tom Reynolds will not seek reelection in New York's 26th congressional district this year.

Reynolds will make an official announcement tomorrow afternoon regarding his future.

How big is this? Actually, it's huge. Removing the incumbent advantage (whatever was left of one with Reynolds) is huge for any challenger. I still like Jon Powers in this race. He is working hard and will continue to work hard.

Some names being floated around on the Republican side include Sen. George Maziarz (R-Newfane) who represents New York's 62nd Senate District. Maziarz, however, would have to move into the 26th District in order to run. Right now, he lives in the 28th District (that's where Newfane is located).

I'll have more on this tomorrow when the official announcement is made. Things will be very interesting from here on out.

Hat-tip to Robert Harding at the Albany Journal.

Like I said, I'm in a mood this morning - I remember this towering jackass covering for Foley. I also remember that when he was caught with his pants down, he shielded himself from criticism behind a wall of children. And he was at the helm of the RCCC when the accounting rules were relaxed and all that money was allowed to be pilfered by an unscrupulous republican operative. (I know, that's redundant. But I feel mean today, m'kay?)

Oh well - let's make the most of this mood I'm in...Snowball has got it goin' on!!!