Thursday, March 20, 2008

Proof Hillary is Doomed in Kentucky

Seriously. Her most prominent backer is disgraced former Kentucky Democratic Party chair Jerry "Ensuring Democrats Lose Since 2003" Lundergan.

In the Lexington Herald-Leader's coverage of Wednesday night's Meet-Ups for both Clinton and Obama, Ryan Alessi perfectly captures Lundergan's unctuous, reality-defying, counter-productive cheerleading.

"Hillary knows she's ahead in Kentucky. She knows she's going to win in Kentucky. And we're going to deliver," declared Jerry Lundergan, the former state Democratic Party chairman, at the March 9 meeting of more than 30 Clinton supporters.

Nine weeks to Kentucky's May 20 primary, and in just one restaurant, Obama's supporters outnumbered Hillary's more than two to one (70 to 30.)

But we long-time followers of Lundergan's Republican-pleasing political career are not surprised.

Jerry has unerring radar for not just DINOs, but for the most egregious republican-lites ever to lose landslides to real republicans.

In 2006, Lundergan used his power as party chair to shut progressive Democrats out of elections in every county of the state, ensuring that not one single Democrat beat an incumbent Republican.

Except John Yarmuth, a proud liberal who defied every expert prediction to overthrow five-term Louisville repug congresswoman Anne Northup.

Yarmuth did it despite Lundergan, who refused Yarmuth a single dime or minute of state Democratic party support.

Then in 2007, Lundergan appeared to violate state party rules by covertly supporting a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

That's not the best part. The candidate he supported was Bruce Lunsford, Criminal, Abuser of Poor Sick Old People, Democratic Traitor, Sore Loser, Republican Campaign Contributor and Best Friend Forever of Mitch McConnell.

Lunsford's 20-point loss in the gubernatorial primary to Steve Beshear pretty much proved the theory that Jerry Lundergan's support was the Kiss of Death.

The very first thing Beshear did on Primary Night, immediately after kissing his wife Jane, was to fire Lundergan's corrupt, losing ass from the party chairmanship.

A lot of us hoped Lundergan would slink back to his cave to sulk for a few decades, but we should have known he couldn't resist a war-mongering, corporate-owned repug-lite candidate like Hillary.

However, his public support of Hillary's campaign is as close as you can get to a guarantee that she'll lose in Kentucky.

Forget the polls. Watch The Lundergan. It's infallible.

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