Friday, June 20, 2008

News roundup – Broder, Woodward, PTSD and blog rules

Bob Woodward and David Broder, BUCKrakers

Woody and the “dean of journalists” have sold the remaining scraps of their integrity by whoring for speakers’ fees.

In Broder’s case, who paid for his speeches appears to have affected his columns at times.

With Woodward, he recycled, or “halowashed,” his donations to a “charity” he and his wife run — mainly helping reduce tuition at elite Sidwell Friends, where their kids go, and raising property values in their neighborhood with tree plantings.

Update: Ken Silverstein reports that Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell is giving both Woody and Broder a slap on the wrist, while promising “further investigation.” Why does this sound like the Bush Administration?

VA drug dumps on PTSD vets

Here’s my skeptical take not just on the Chantix experiment, but on the larger PTSD experiments and wondering about whether Big Pharma has a hand in this at all. Having been diagnosed myself, I can certainly tell you that reputable psychiatrists, knowing Chantix’s black-box warnings and public history, wouldn’t have tried it.

Texas GOP racism

The state GOP claims it didn’t know about the private vendor who sold the racist anti-Obama pin. Yeah, right.

Bloggers, stop copying so much

The AP is developing official fair use standards for bloggers.

More details and analysis at the links.