Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dreams of Obama in Kentucky

One Democratic Congressional challenger in Kentucky is a proud, full-throated supporter of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, despite running against an intrenched incumbent in a deeply conservative district.

Another "Democratic" Congressional challenger in Kentucky is a misogynistic, mouth-breathing racist who refuses to even recognize the name of his own party's nominee for president and reacts to an offer of support from the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives with an
insulting refusal
to vote for her as Speaker, despite running for an open seat against a lesser-known opponent.

Guess which one the Kentucky Democratic Party is supporting.

To his credit, Governor Steve Beshear has sincerely requested Barack Obama campaign in Kentucky, despite antediluvian protest grunts from lizard-brains afraid to campaign as Real Democrats.

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Come to Kentucky, Barack. Come to the First District across the Mississippi River from Missouri, where Heather Ryan will roll out the red carpet and take you to all the best barbeque joints.

Then slide on over to the Second District, where you will gladden the hearts of liberals by making David Boswell hide in a closet to avoid shaking your hand. Campaigning in the First could generate wins there for both you and Heather, but campaigning in the Second would win the District for you while losing it for Boswell.

And that would be the real accomplishment, proving once and for all that the canard about Kentucky's "conservative voters" rejecting real Democrats is a lie.

It's as true today as it was when Harry Truman first said it 60 years ago: "If you give people a choice between a real republican and a fake one, they'll vote for the real one every time."

But even conservative Democrats will vote for a candidate who stands up proud for real Democratic values every time.

Too bad voters in Kentucky-2 don't have that choice this year.

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