Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Hung in Effigy by Penis-less Morons

It appears high gas prices this summer forced Lexington's Morons Without Penises to sell their submlimation Hummers and SUVs, and now they're forced to stage fake lynchings to assuage their sexual frustration.

University of Kentucky police are investigating who hung an effigy of Democrat Sen. Barack Obama from a tree on the Lexington campus Wednesday morning.

UK President Lee Todd said that UK police have notified federal authorities of the incident. Todd said a professor saw the effigy on the tree near the Rose Street parking garage across from the Mining and Mineral Resources building this morning and called police.


The effigy had a mask of Obama on it and there was a noose around the effigy's neck, Todd said.


Many students on UK's campus were unaware that the racial incident had happened until noon on Wednesday. Antonio Dixon was walking out of UK's Student Center when he heard the news from another student. The black freshman from Lexington said he hoped that it was a prank.

"It's terrible," Dixon said, shaking his head. "You've got a lot of people who do that kind of stuff just to get attention. It's just not right. I think with Halloween coming... I hope it was a prank."

Sorry to disappoint you, Antonio, but this was most certainly not a "prank."

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This is the logical consequence of Right-Wing Authoritarian dictatorship keeping people stupid and impotent through republican policies of Permanent War and Enriching the Wealthy.

This is the logical consequence of a Right-Wing Authoritarian republican presidential candidate exploiting that stupidity and impotence with thinly-veiled calls for racial violence.

This is the logical consequence of Kentucky's Democratic "leaders" catering to racists and pretending they're not running on the same ticket as Barack Obama instead of standing fearlessly in front of the haters and condemning their hatred. I'm talking to YOU, Gov. Steve Beshear, and YOU, Kentucky Democratic Party officials, and YOU, racist DINO David Boswell. And speaking out BEFORE the lynching starts. After is too late.

Gov. Steve Beshear, a Demcocrat, issued a statement Wednesday afternoon calling the incident "embarrassing and unfortunate."
"Embarrassing and unfortunate?" How about "tacky and not nice?" Or possibly "uncool, bro?"

It's a fucking hate crime. It's a fucking threat against the life of a major-party nominee for the fucking presidency.

Trust me, the Secret Service does not think this is "embarrassing and unfortunate."

"Embarrassing and unfortunate" is how the nation and the world now thinks of the University of Kentucky, the City of Lexington, and the Commonwealth.

Read the whole thing, including a surprisingly strong statement from UK President Todd.

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