Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Reagan Ad

Progressive Future has a new ad out that they intend to run in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida - I'm trying to find the original source for that because it's not on their website.

But if that's correct, this is a VERY bad idea. Here's the ad:

I live in Florida in one of the reddest counties in the state. I've sent this ad to more than 10 Republicans, six of which already voted for Obama (in secret). I simply asked "What do you think of this ad?"

The reply was "It pisses me off" or some other refrain. My husband, a Reagan Republican embarrassed by Bush and McCain, told me flat out that he would not have voted for Obama had he seen this ad. It was hard enough for him to make that decision without pissing him off.

There's one thing you don't do in a battleground state and that's invoke Reagan. Conservative Republicans will be pissed but it won't make a difference because they're already "in the bag" for McCain. But, the center-right Republicans are going to be offended and I don't mean just a small amount. Reagan is their god and even most Republicans wouldn't think of using him.

As soon as I saw this ad, I knew it was going to be trouble. I'm really hoping that it won't get much play but it will probably get plenty of press play down here. I think the right will make mincemeat of it every chance they get.

I've been watching the early voting and I think they are way in for Obama. But, if the race is at all close here or we lose and this ad gets play, we could be looking back at this as one of the reasons. It will not play well in Florida.