Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For Those Of Us Not Ready to Forgive

The Rude Pundit, as always, reaches deep into the American id and finds precisely the right words.

Triple-X rated, but ignore your tender sensibilities and read it. You'll be glad you did.

Still afraid? Here are the R-rated closing grafs, to give you a hint of what you're missing.

Finally, for today, let's kick John McCain and Sarah Palin while they're down. Because everything they did made Barack Obama and Joe Biden seem that much more honorable and presidential. Because every misstep they made showed just how incredible and beautiful a machine the Obama campaign was. Because every slime McCain painfully threw ended up coating his face and made Obama seem that much brighter. Because every tinny, awkward, wrong word squeaked out of Palin made Biden appear even more the elder statesman. Because the country said to both of them, "You are full of shit, and we know it. Go the fuck away."

Let us dance, motherfuckers, mad, grotesque, ancient dances that lead us into ripping our clothes off, eating the hearts of our enemies, and fucking like the carnal goddamned human beings we are, all around the burning flames of an ideology that told us we were traitors and un-American. No, we can say now, loudly, this is what America is.

Plenty of time for Obama's inclusiveness come January 20. Until then, let's make sure the losers know what it's like to be on the receiving end of losing.

John Aravosis has a non-sexual rant on the same lines.

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