Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Question for Certain Kentucky "Democratic" Candidates and Their Supporters

After the Obama effigy hung from a tree at UK, the most disgusting, depressing and infuriating spectacle in Kentucky this election has been candidates calling themselves Democrats pretending they don't belong to the same party as Barack Obama.

Richly Deserving Loser David Boswell was one of the first to display his racist cowardice by answering a question about endorsing Obama with:

"I am proud to be a Democrat."

As I wrote then:

Kentucky's Second District may poll conservative - although that may also be an artifact of not having a real Democratic choice for the past 15 years - but does Boswell really think rejecting his own party's Presidential Nominee is going to endear him to Second District Democrats?

I don't actually think Boswell thinks much at all, which is only one of many reasons I am not at all upset that he lost.

But Boswell is not the only one. From local candidates who set up tables at county fairs as far as they could get from the Democratic Party booths festooned with those oh-so-dangerous Obama signs, to Governor Beshear, who could not have been less enthusastic about Obama if he'd endorsed McCain, it was endemic.

Could the refusal of the Kentucky Democratic Party to support the only two Democratic candidates challenging repug Congressional incumbents have anything to do with the fact that both of those courageous Real Democrats endorsed Barack Obama? Is the KDP's slobbering all over scumbucket Boswell a clue?

Yes, even Boswell performed better in his district than Barack Obama did, and let's hope that's a comfort to Boswell as he watches Brett Guthrie pack to move to a U.S. Capitol now wholly owned and operated by Barack Obama.

Notice that the two Kentucky Democrats who won their Congressional races are also the only two Democratic candidates who endorsed Barack Obama - and did it before the Kentucky primary. Yes, John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler are strong incumbents who were likely to win re-election regardless of their Obama endorsement, but if they felt so safe, why make an endorsement that in May was significantly risky?

Maybe they're both way smarter than they look. Or maybe they're Real Democrats. Even DINO Extraordinaire Ben Chandler.

So here's my question for Kentucky Democratic Candidates who turned their backs on Barack Obama:

Are you fucking proud of yourselves?

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