Friday, November 7, 2008

Joe Must Go

The arguments, notwithstanding Bayh, for Joe Lieberman to be booted from the Democratic committee leadership staff are significant.

Aside from Lieberman's traitorous performance in his support of John McCain, Steve Benen points to his total lack of holding Bush accountable for domestic issues, not the least of which was FEMA's response to hurrican Katrina.

Joe says that we should let bygones be just that. I have one more reason to disagree.

Norm Coleman - Minnesota.

A race now separated by 230-something votes BEFORE the recount that could have put a WIN in the Democratic caucus in the Senate. It's very important to remember that, not only did Lieberman campaign for John McCain and against Obama, he BACKED the Republican Senate candidate in a should-have Democratic swing state.

Yes, he might have been principled in supporting McCain over Obama - although he was ridiculously over the edge with his "Marxism" and not putting country first. But, there is no doubt that his backing of Coleman puts him squarely in the Republican camp. He didn't just campaign for McCain, he sought to overthrow efforts to get a cloture majority in the Senate.

Let me say that one more time: Lieberman sought to overthrow efforts to get a cloture majority in the Senate!

In fact, his actions in that race alone, without looking at his inaction as Chairman of the Senate committee overseeing homeland security, beg for his expulsion from the Democratic caucus.

While the Senate elite (yes, I dare to use the word) seek to coddle Lieberman because he was faithful to his belief that McCain best represented his world view on Iraq, the War and the Middle East, the truth is much uglier.

Lieberman covered the Bush administration's ass on their response to Katrina.

Worse, he deliberately sought to keep the Democrats from a cloture majority.

I'm not buying the all-make-nice argument. You don't put a fox in charge of the hen house.