Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Contempt? Yes. Right now? No.

The House Judiciary Committee, on party-line vote, approved contempt citations on Josh Bolton and Harriett Miers, but an anonymous top Democratic official said the full House wasn’t likely to take up the matter until after the August recess.

Now, this A. None Mouse may argue this gives Bush more time to rethink his stance, and for Fielding to reach an acceptable compromise with Congress.

I’m here to tell her or him: “Ain’t gonna happen.” All you’re doing is giving Bush one more month on the calendar to stall this out until the end of his term. Look at how much time he has already gotten.

Update:On another Congressional investigation front that is moving too slowly, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy now says he is giving Attorney General Alberto Gonzales until late next week to revise his testimony or possibly face perjury charges.

Hell, give him ’til Christmas; it ain’t happening. There’s a proper pace for proceedings like this, yes, but given how much Gonzo testimony water has already passed under the bridge, Leahy needs to stop confusing “proper pace” and “snail’s pace.”