Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why Hillary Has To Convince You Barack Is A Foreign Policy Waif

As we all know Hillary is currently challenging Barack Obama as being naive and not having the foreign policy chops to lead America. Hillary, on the other hand, is selling herself as being a foreign policy wonk. She is an expert who is surrounded by experts. She is ready to lead America.

As I mentioned in my post examining the YouTube debate Barack Obama directly challenged Hillary Clinton's failure to ask about an exit strategy prior to the invasion of Iraq. Everybody knows that Barack was opposed to the Iraq war from the get go. What most people don't know is that his opposition doesn't appear to have been based on mere instinct. What follows is a clip of a 2002 pre-invasion Obama interview. It sounds down right prophetic.

After watching the clip, two things jump into my mind. First, Obama is a pretty smart dude for not having much foreign policy experience. Hillary's attack rings a little hollow.

Second, why the hell wasn't Hillary asking the same questions about a post-invasion Iraq? Didn't her foreign policy wonk buddies warn her of the dangers of an extended occupation? Didn't her own instincts give her the same warning? She doesn't seem any smarter than a whole lot of people who were fooled. If she was warned or she did have an uneasy feeling, why wasn't she asking the right questions? Maybe she did. Could somebody give me a link?

I think that we are going to hear a lot more from Hillary's camp attacking Obama as being naive and inexperienced. We are going to hear it very soon, and it is going to be loud. She has to convince everybody that he is a foreign policy waif.

At the same time he is going to keep attacking her foreign policy credentials. Just because she ate dinner with a lot of heads of state doesn't mean she knows anything about foreign policy.

We are about 4 months early, but it is more fun to watch a fight than the candidates singing each other's praises.