Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mitch vs. Heather Update

MediaCzech at BlueGrassRoots is on top of the Heather Ryan debacle.

First, the Heather Ryan Plan of Action, complete with phone numbers and email addresses for the Kentucky MSM reporters who are ostentatiously ignoring Mitch's despicable and probably criminal behavior.

Then, local coverage of Heather's firing in the Paducah Sun. Considering that compared to the Sun, National Review reads like Mother Jones, the piece is actually pretty fair.

Lastly, for the moment, we're getting some bamboozlement pushback on the Mitch-got-Heaven's-Mom-Fired story, so let's address each pro-Mitch Lying Point in turn:

Heather Ryan is a bad mother for "using" her child. Wrong. Heather Ryan gave her 12-year-old daughter a priceless gift in the opportunity to stand up to corrupt power and speak her mind as a free American citizen.

The video proves Mitch did nothing wrong. Backwards. The video proves Mitch lied about what Heather did. Heather is the one who did nothing wrong; Mitch is the one who lied and falsely accused her of doing things she did not do.

The Board of Directors fired Heather for violating some kind of Executive Director Code of Conduct. You have that in a PDF you can email, maybe? No. The Board of Directors fired Heather because Mitch extorted them, threatening to take away Paducah's federal funding if they didn't fire her. Extortion by a public official, by the way, is a crime: a Class D felony punishable by at least one (1) year but not more than five (5) years in prison.

Heather deserved to be fired because what she did was tacky. Tacky?! String 'er up! Her and her little girl, too! Heather and Heaven were publicly voicing political dissent - the most patriotic act any American can commit. They are Heroes of Democracy and should be honored and showered with rewards.

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